My life goal was always (and still remains) to be a stay at home momma but I never could have imagined the hard parts that come with the awesome parts of motherhood. When I dreamed of it before it was my reality, I never could have dreamed I would be the one crying some days. It is hard. 

This space is a part of finding my calm in the chaos. Connecting with the Me in “Mom-me” (couldn’t help it haha). All mommas need something to call their own. A time, a hobby, an outlet to reconnect with their non-baby/potty/teacher voice/role and just be their own human. That is what I am trying to create currently. This space is mine- my voice in an already loud world, hoping the other people who need a space to relate can find me over here in the static. You are in good company if you feel like a hot mess just trying her best. I get you. 

My dream goals are to create this space to be somewhere you find something in the content (existing and to come) that connects you with a new hobby, a way to find calm or just a virtual voice that brings some company to a lonely day. I am praying through it and hoping for the best. I know whatever is meant to be created will be and will find its way to whoever you are. 

So thanks for joining in on this space I am creating. I really am glad you are here.